What is Utility Locating?

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Utility locating is a practice in which an individual or team of trained locating technicians utilize a variety of equipment and tools in order to pin point the location of underground utilities before excavation.

The most common method of locating utilities, is through the use of electromagnetic currents. Locating equipment that generates electromagnetic radio frequency allows the receiver to detect utilities that contain conductive materials. This is a reliable method for locating underground electric, cable, telephone, water, sewer and gas lines.

Once a utility is found, it is then marked with paint and/or pin flags so excavators know a utility is buried in that exact location. This locating helps prevent costly repairs to your house and property.

How We Locate

Step One


Direct connection to the utility is always the best option. If this is not possible, induction is our other option.

Step Two


After connecting to the utility, we follow the signal that our locators send out through the work area.

Step Three


While following our signal, we mark the utility with Paint, Flags, or Stakes.

Step Four


Once everything is marked, we do a digital drawing of the work site which shows you and other workers on site what we found.